Pitchdecks are passè

Save time, track performance & raise capital… FASTER

Dear Startup,

We are ex-startup founders and serial entrepreneurs. We have felt the pain of meeting & updating tons of potential investors with our Startup’s progress.

We don’t want you to bear the same agony. Hence we designed Upraise.vc. It is premised on helping you save time, track your metrics better, and raise capital faster.

Build your profile and metrics cluster in under 15 mins, and share a secure link with investors you are speaking with. Update metrics & profile every month, to notify investors with your Startup’s progress. You have an option to make your profile public to other verified investors.

It is smart, elegant and secure.

Why not just share a pitch deck?

Pitch decks are an old broken system.

They are time consuming to build and a cognitive overload for VCs as every deck format is different. You have to re-share a pitch deck practically every month, with change in traction, or a new feature, or even a new team member! Talk about sharing it every month with all the VCs you are speaking with – Insane!

Enter Upraise.vc

How is it different from other fund raise portals?

It is fast, secure & minimalist.

Share traction in
beautiful charts

You can share metrics relevant to your business. For e.g. a food delivery business may create

Share profile privately
with certain investors

Share with all verified investors using Upraise, or ONLY the investors you are speaking with

Form timeline with updates -
new CTO, new feature, etc

Often Startups miss out on conveying small yet crucial updates to VCs

Meant for startups
across all stages

Most of the Startup portals focus on early stage Startups raising their first round

Concise one-view startup
profiles for investors

VCs get 100s of profile each month in various formats. A single one view snapshot

What metrics
to share?

Ones that matter to your business.

Example: A food delivery business may share # of deliveries, average order duration, # of customers, orders/customer, # of support tickets, average delivery amount, etc.